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Pennsylvania Accountability System (PAS)

The Bureau of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is responsible for the development, administration, scoring and reporting of the state's assessment system, which includes the PSSA, PASA, and Keystone Exams along with the federal and state accountability systems under Pennsylvania's Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Waiver.

The Bureau provides guidance to schools and districts on assessment and accountability programs. It evaluates district, school and student progress and reports school performance for compliance with the ESEA Flexibility Waiver.  Other functions include the development of assessment anchors to better align curricula, instruction and assessment practices throughout the state; coordination of test development, administration, and reporting; and, providing technical assistance for statewide and local assessment systems.

Beginning in 2013, Local Education Agencies (LEA) were held accountable under the ESEA flexibility provision that allows for a departure from the "Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP) nomenclature, which identified schools in categories ranging from Making AYP to Corrective Action. In accordance with the Waiver, Pennsylvania will use a four specific Annual Measureable Objectives (AMO) as the Required Federal Reporting Measures (RFRM): Participation Rate, Graduation or Attendance Rate, Closing the Achievement Gap: All Students, and Closing the Achievement Gap: Historically Underperforming Students. Federal accountability will report differentiated recognition status for Title I schools that may be designated as Reward: High Achievement, Reward: High Progress, Focus, or Priority based on the AMOs and other federal requirements associated with each designation.

Although not all Title I schools will be associated with one of these designations, all Title I schools will have access to and will receive support in implementing the interventions best suited to the needs identified through their AMO data and the School Performance Profile as related to the educator evaluation process. For more information about these designations and the Required Federal Reporting Measures, please visit the Required Federal Reporting Measures website.

Under the Waiver, the School Performance Profile (SPP) will report performance for all schools in Pennsylvania using multiple indicators of academic growth and achievement, including the four specific AMOs and educator effectiveness. For more information about SPP, please visit the School Performance Profile website.

Attribution Map

The following charts describe who is responsible for ensuring student participation in the state assessment, who is responsible for ordering test materials and administrating the test, and how PSSA scores and participation will be attributed for accountability purposes.


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