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Safe Schools Targeted Grants

The Department of Education announces the release of the opportunity for public school entities, nonpublic and private school entities, police agencies and municipalities to submit an application for funding for the training and compensation of school resource officers and school police officers through a $3.9 million targeted grant program and public school entities can submit an application to fund programs or security-related equipment that addresses school safety and violence through a $2.6 million Safe Schools Initiative Targeted Grant program. 
Applicants are eligible for a maximum individual grant of $60,000 for a School Resource Officer and $40,000 for a School Police Officer and the maximum amount per individual targeted grant is $20,000.
Local police agencies and municipalities can apply and receive a grant but they must have prior consent of the governing board of the school to place school resource officers on the school’s premises. 
Police agencies and municipalities are not eligible to receive any grant funds for any purpose other than for costs associated with school resource officers.  When assigning school resource officers, police agencies and municipalities must take into consideration the proportion of students enrolled in each school.
Applications will be accepted from June 9, 2017, through August 4, 2017, school entities must submit their application through the department’s eGrant system, agencies and municipalities need to submit their application through the mail since they will not be able to access the eGrant system this year.  They can download the Request for Application by clicking the link below.
Nonpublic and private school entities may apply for a school police officer. Nonpublic schools are eligible to apply for funding to be used for the costs associated with obtaining the services of a school police officer from a list of approved vendors certified by the PA Department of Education Office for Safe Schools.  Grant awards for this purpose will be paid directly to the approved vendor with which the nonpublic school contracts for services.  The maximum individual grant will be $40,000 and the funds may be expended on contracted services only.
In addition, PDE’s Office for Safe Schools is pleased to issue two Request for Applications (RFA) for public school entities to fund programs (1) To address school safety and violence through the use of security related equipment including: student, staff and visitor identification systems; metal detectors; protective lighting; surveillance equipment; special emergency communications equipment; electronic locksets; deadbolts and theft control devices; and training in the use of the security-related technology.  (2) To fund programs which address school safety and violence in the following areas: 
    1. Conflict resolution or dispute management;
    2. Positive behavior support;
    3. Risk assessment or violence prevention curricula;
    4. Classroom management;
    5. Development of Student Codes of Conduct;
    6. Training to undertake a district-wide assessment of risk factors that increase the likelihood of problem behaviors among students;
    7. Development and implementation of research-based violence prevention programs addressing risk factors to reduce incidents of problem behaviors among students including, but not limited to bullying;
    8. De-escalation and behavior interventions; and
    9. Comprehensive, district-wide school safety, violence prevention, emergency preparedness  and all-hazards plans, including revisions or updates to such plans and conducting emergency preparedness drills and related activities with local emergency responders including risk assessment and training.  

Grant applications must be submitted via the PDE’s eGrants system and will be awarded on a competitive basis.