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The Future Ready PA Index - graduating students in blue caps and gowns 

In looking at ways to create a more useful and holistic School Performance Profile (SPP), the Pennsylvania Department of Education conducted more than 30 feedback sessions to solicit recommendations from more than 1,000 stakeholders around a revised SPP.
Although retaining several of the indicators from the current SPP, the proposed Future Ready PA Index provides a more holistic view of school performance by:
  • Emphasizing the weighting of value-added measures, which incentivizes a focus on all learners and is less sensitive to demographic variables.
  • Measuring English language acquisition among ESL students, not simply performance on a test of grade level ELA standards.
  • Incentivizing career awareness instruction beginning at the elementary level.
  • Addressing the issue of unequal weighting of content areas in the current SPP.
  • Increasing the weighting of rigorous course offerings such as AP, IB, and dual enrollment.
  • Allowing LEAs to include locally-selected reading assessments (grade 3) and math assessments (grade 7) as additional snapshots of student progress. 
  • Awarding extra credit to schools graduating students with at least one high-value, industry- recognized credential.
View a webinar about the Future Ready PA Index offered by Deputy Secretary Matt Stem from the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.
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