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Certification Fees and Forms

​Most forms below are to be used for documentation/verification purposes only. All applications for certification must be submitted online through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

Application Fees (PDF)


  • ABCTE Application Addendum (PDF)
  • Chapter 49 Exceptional Case Policy (PDF) and Application Process (PDF)
  • Declaration of Intent to Become a U.S. Citizen (PDF)
  • Documentation Worksheet for Determining Certificate Validity (PDF) - Educators are required to convert a Level I (provisional) certificate to a Level II (permanent) certificate. This worksheet is to be submitted by individuals requesting an actual time frame in which a certificate will lapse.
  • Health Certificate (PDF) - Only required when applying for a Private Academic certificate.
  • PDE 338 A (PDF) - Used by out-of-state graduates to obtain a college/university verification when applying for Pennsylvania certification.
  • PDE 338 C (PDF) - Used by the Pennsylvania program providers when recommending a graduate for certification.
  • PDE 338 CAC (PDF) - Used by applicants who have been denied Pennsylvania certification and wish to appeal the decision.
  • PDE 338 ES (PDF)- Used only if specifically requested by your reviewer when applying for a Vocational Emergency permit.
  • PDE 338 G (PDF)- Used for collection of background information for re-issuance of emergency permits.
  • PDE 338 P (Word) - Used by school entities to verify service for Level II.
  • PDE 338 PS (PDF) - Used to apply for the Program Specialist - ESL Endorsement.
  • PDE 338 R-4 (PDF) - Used to file an appeal of the Department's Notice of Inactive Certification for failure to meet Act 48/Act 45 Professional Development requirements.
  • PDE 338 U (PDF) - Used by educators who were certified prior to 1967, have no educator record in TIMS, but have a copy of their certificate.
  • PDE 338 V (PDF) - Used by school entities to verify any professional experience.
  • PDE 338 VB (PDF) - Used to verify business work experience when applying for a Superintendent's Commission or Commission Qualification Letter.
  • PDE 427 (PDF) and 427A (PDF) - Instructional I to Instructional II Assessment and Attachment
  • PDE 430 (PDF) - Student Teacher Assessment
  • PDE 430A (PDF) - Student Teacher Assessment Attachment
  • PDE 82-1 (PDF) - Classroom Teacher Rating Form
  • PDE 82-2 (PDF) - Principal-School Leader Rating Form
  • PDE 82-3 (PDF) - Non Teaching Professional Rating Form
  • Resource Specialist Permit Request (PDF) - The form contains instructions for completion. It may be uploaded into a TIMS application or mailed in with the coversheet provided in the online application.
  • Safety and Driver Education Teacher Certification Assessment - Testing information, dates, and registration form