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Certification Staffing Policies (CSPGs)

The Certification and Staffing Policy Guidelines (CSPGs) provide guidance and clarification to educators regarding (1) the issuance of professional certificates, (2) the grade level and content scope of certificate subject areas and (3) the appropriate certificate for staffing professional positions in public schools.  In this section, you will find a valuable research guide for certificate eligibility as well as for proper staffing practices that achieve educational excellence in the schools of the Commonwealth.
Appropriate Certification in PennsylvaniaGeneral Certification Information
Effective Dates for Certificate IssuanceGeneral Certification Information
Validity of a PA CertificateGeneral Certification Information
Evaluation for Certificate Eligibility by the BureauGeneral Certification Information
Evaluation of Credentials for Individuals Prepared Outside of the United StatesGeneral Certification Information
Level II (Permanent) CertificationGeneral Certification Information
Continuing Professional DevelopmentGeneral Certification Information
Experience Requirements for Initial Supervisory, Administrative Certificates and Letters of EligibilityGeneral Certification Information
Letter of Equivalency for Master's Degree and Baccalaureate DegreeGeneral Certification Information
Personal Information Changes for Certificate HoldersGeneral Certification Information
Voluntary Deletion of Areas of CertificationGeneral Certification Information
Emergency PermitsGeneral Certification Information
Act 97 Waiver of CertificationGeneral Certification Information
Policies Pertaining to Certificates No Longer IssuedGeneral Certification Information
Release of Information from Official Certification RecordsGeneral Certification Information
Interstate Certification AgreementGeneral Certification Information
Credits Earned Through In-Service Education, by Examination and CEU'sGeneral Certification Information
InductionGeneral Certification Information
TestingGeneral Certification Information
Appropriate Certification in Charter SchoolsGeneral Certification Information
AgricultureInstructional Certification
ArtInstructional Certification
BiologyInstructional Certification
Business, Computer and Information TechnologyInstructional Certification
ChemistryInstructional Certification
Citizenship EducationInstructional Certification
CommunicationsInstructional Certification
Cooperative EducationInstructional Certification
Driver's/Safety EducationInstructional Certification
Earth and Space ScienceInstructional Certification
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