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Completed Approved Preparation Program Outside of Pennsylvania

  • Verify that your state is part of the National Association Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement. If your state is not a party to the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement, please refer to the section on multiple preparation programs. 
  • Submit official transcripts in college-sealed, unopened envelopes showing Bachelor's degree conferral from an accredited college or university. 
  • Upload or mail a copy of your current and valid state certificate comparable to the PA certificate you are seeking.
    • When available, include the official state URL for verification of the current status of each license, and
       Example: Pennsylvania's credential verification site URL is
    • Provide your unique educator identification number or other identifier needed to verify your credential 
      Example: Pennsylvania's credential verification site is and the Professional Personnel ID (PPID) number is the unique identifier for Pennsylvania 
  • Submit the Education Preparation Program Verification Form, PDE 338A, as proof of completion of an educator preparation program approved for certification in the state in which the program was completed. Click on "Certifications" then "Certification Fees and Forms" under Resources. We will need one form for each program attended. 
  • Provide proof of completion of student teaching or practicum or one year experience on a standard out-of-state certificate/license through one of the following means: 
    • documented on your college/university transcript and verified through already required Education Preparation Program Verification Form, PDE 338A 
    • OR we will accept one year of certificated experience in the area of certification application. Submit one Verification of Experience Form, PDE 338V, for each employer. Click on "Certifications" then "Certification Fees and Forms" under Resources. (PA public PK-12 experience will be verified electronically via the TIMS system.)
  • Confirm that the required content area test score(s) and the basic skills test - Pennsylvania Academic Pre-Professional Assessment (PAPA) - have been reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education directly from the test administrator – ETS, ACTFL, or ES Pearson. For test information, click on "Certifications" then "Certification Testing" under Resources. The basic skills test is not required for post-baccalaureate instructional program completers. 
  • Complete and submit the application in TIMS for a comparable Pennsylvania certificate
    • Electronic payment accepted in TIMS



Updated 5/5/2015