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English Language Arts

Developing literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening is a collaborative responsibility of all educators. Classroom learning experiences should enhance and expand the communication and critical thinking skills that allow students to develop resiliency and positive attitudes as they grow into effective readers, writers, communicators and life-long learners. The Pennsylvania Department of Education embraces effective literacy teaching and learning through a system that includes a comprehensive, research-based approach that supports teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System (SAS) is a collaborative product of research and good practice that identifies six distinct elements which, if utilized together, will provide schools and districts a common framework for continuous school and district enhancement and improvement. Much research has been conducted regarding what makes a great school. There are many intangible components; however, research supports the notion that great schools and school systems tend to have six common elements that ensure Student Achievement: Standards, Assessment, Curriculum Framework, Instruction, Materials & Resources, and Safe and Supportive Schools.

English Language Arts for 21st Century students will be guided by the Pennsylvania Core Standards in every Pennsylvania public school classroom. Pennsylvania educators and educational experts have created a thorough, rigorous, aligned and articulated Pennsylvania Core Standards unique document.

The English Language Arts Standards will continue to provide parents and community members with information about what students should know and be able to do as they progress through the educational program to graduation. With a clearly defined target provided by the standards, parents, students, educators and community members become partners in learning.

Currently, an evolving digital learning environment in English Language Arts classrooms across the state is enhancing and expanding learning opportunities so that Pennsylvania students are College and Career ready at graduation. There is a true assurance for every Pennsylvania student's success when English Language Arts skills are embedded in all content areas through different mediums of learning.

Pennsylvania Literacy Framework

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