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Student Projects - Ideas to Get Students Engaged

  1. Video contests for students: Have students shoot short videos promoting literacy (specific topics could be assigned, such as “Who’s your favorite author and why,” “What does literacy mean to you,” “What would a world without literacy look like,” etc.). These videos would be shown on the school’s in-house video system and students would vote on a winner. This could be repeated several times during the school year.
  2. Art classes in the schools could have an assignment where students design their own “Literacy is for life” posters, which would be displayed in the school.
  3. Cryptic messages or factoids placed in random places, e.g., stuck on lockers, on bathroom mirrors, on tables in the cafeteria. These messages would appear several times before they’re followed by the answer: “Literacy is for life,” and details about the campaign.
  4. Issue challenges over the PA system, e.g., “If you can tell one teacher today how you used literacy (outside of school) in a way that helped you, you’ll get a special treat.” Treats would be something small like stickers, candy, extra credit points, etc.
  5. Classroom Literacy Activities (PDF)


Student Content

The following resources contain scripts and topic ideas surrounding literacy for use in student run TV stations or newspapers.