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operate a site

A site is the physical location that serves SFSP meals during a supervised time period.

Some organizations do not have the financial or administrative ability to operate the program, but they can supervise a food service for children, along with recreational or enrichment activities at a site.

You can look for an established sponsor in your area from the sponsor list. Please contact them if you would like to offer your location as a feeding site, or you may contact the Department of Education.

Site Eligibility

Three main types of sites in the SFSP program are: Open Sites, Enrolled Sites and Camp Sites. The link below is a chart with an abbreviated explanation of the variety of methods each type of site may use to qualify.

*Eligibility Chart (PDF)

SFSP qualifying methods are Area Eligibility, Income Eligibility Forms and School List.

Area Eligibility encompasses census data and school data.   

Census data is defined by the location of the site. This may be determined by utilizing the website The address of the potential meal site can be typed in the search box as indicated on the site in the upper right hand corner. In the drop down section of the layer tab, click on the fiscal year box. (FY current year)

The map will change colors.  The red color indicates areas that are eligible to be open site locations. The layer tab can also designate current SFSP meals sites as well as potential places for sites such as schools and libraries.  Zooming out may be helpful.  PDE staff is available to assist with the determination.

School data refers to the percentage of free and reduced meals served by the schools. Sites located in areas where schools serve 50% or more of its student's free or reduced priced meals will qualify the site as an open site.  PDE staff has information on the school data numbers.

Income Eligibility Forms are used when the site must prove the eligibility of the individual child. The forms are available from PDE.

Getting a list from the school with the children's names denoting their free or reduced price status will also prove a child's eligibility. This list must be on school letterhead and signed by a school official.

Open sites are determined by area eligibility. No further determinants are needed.

Sponsors of enrolled sites must prove that at least 50% or more of the children qualify, if the site is not in an eligible area. This can be done with either Income Eligibility Forms or a list of names from the schools with meal eligibility.

Camps must prove the eligibility of every child it claims for reimbursement. This is accomplished only through Income Eligibility Forms or a list of names from the schools with meal eligibility.

Site Supervisor

If you supervise a site you will:

  • Attend your sponsor's training
  • Supervise activities and meal service at your site
  • Distribute meals by following SFSP guidelines
  • Keep daily records of meals served
  • Store food appropriately
  • Keep the site clean and sanitary
  • Help sponsors promote the program to the community