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Partnerships for Innovative Troops to Teachers Programs to Expand Pennsylvania's Teacher Workforce in Subject Shortage Areas


Governor Wolf Announces $1.6 Million for Troops for Teachers Program
Harrisburg, PA, May 24, 2018 – Governor Tom Wolf today announced that his administration has secured a $1.6 million, 5-year Troops to Teachers grant. The program, managed by the Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), makes federal funding available to recruit and help military veterans who are considering a career in teaching.

“Pennsylvania has a proud military heritage and is home to many tremendous veterans who want to continue serving their community,” said Governor Wolf. “The Troops for Teachers program is a great way for veterans to bring their knowledge and skills to our classrooms, which benefits veterans and our students.”

Under the state’s Troops to Teachers program, veterans who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching are provided with counseling services on teacher education requirements and programs, as well as guidance around the teacher certification process and referrals to employment opportunities. In some cases, veterans are eligible for bonuses if they choose to teach in a high-need school.

“As Pennsylvania explores new approaches to generating a diverse pool of educators - and especially with a growing emphasis on STEM education - in many cases veterans or service members may be a great fit for the commonwealth’s classrooms,” Education Secretary Pedro A. Rivera said. “Service members are known for their initiative, commitment, and leadership skills, which can make them successful when transitioning from the armed forces to our state’s schools.”

With the grant, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has also funded a PA Regional Partnership program, led by Slippery Rock University (SRU) to recruit eligible veterans into specially-tailored, one-year post-baccalaureate teacher certification programs in secondary STEM and in world languages. SRU and West Chester University are offering the program.

Service members often learn about the Troops to Teachers program when separating from active duty service. Additionally, to reach veterans, PDE includes Troops to Teachers information in a mailing to military members residing in Pennsylvania when they separate from service.

Veterans who are interested in the program may register online at Troops to Teachers.


The Partnerships for Innovative Troops to Teachers Programs to Expand Pennsylvania's Teacher Workforce in Subject Shortage Areas application guidelines are established to provide direction to applicants interested in implementing an innovative, alternative post-baccalaureate program to prepare cohorts of eligible veterans to teach in one or more of Pennsylvania's subject shortage areas as a result of their completing a Pennsylvania instructional certification program. Pennsylvania's goal is to recruit at least 50 veterans to enroll in alternative post-baccalaureate certification pathways created under a Pennsylvania Troops to Teachers (TTT) grant and to be hired in a high-need school to teach in critical shortage area.

Applications submitted in response to these guidelines are limited to statewide partnerships aimed at nurturing and sustaining high-quality relationships among and between teacher preparation entities and local education agencies (LEAs) in shortage areas, listed in the Guidelines.

Pennsylvania Troops to Teachers Grant Application Guidelines (PDF)

The following documents accompany the Guidelines:

  1. Pennsylvania Teaching Shortage Areas and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs
  2. Agreement to Participate in a Troops to Teachers Partnership (PDE-3668) (Word)
  3. Project Abstract – Rider B (PDE-3118) (Word)
  4. Budget Projection (PDE-3113G) (Word)
  5. Sample Budget Projection (Word)
  6. Pre‑Proposal Conference Questions Stemming from Pennsylvania Troops to Teachers Grant Application Program Guidelines (PDE‑4658) (Word)
  7. Notification of Intent to Submit for Troops to Teachers Partnership Competition (PDE-4658A) (Word)

A pre-proposal webinar was held on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 to go over the contents of the Guidelines posted above and address questions from prospective grantees. Recording of the webinar

Pennsylvania Troops to Teachers Pre-Proposal Webinar (PowerPoint)

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