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Early Intervention Announcement​ ​Announcement Number ​Issue Date ​Comments*
Acceptable Signers of the Beneficiary Choice Form for the Infants, Toddlers and Families Medicaid Waiver (PDF) ​ELS-EI-06 #10 ​9/5/2006 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Act 24 of 2011 Implementation – PELICAN Data Moratorium (PDF)
Attachment: PELICAN EI Requested Data Elements (PDF)
​EI-11 #02 ​8/1/2011
​Amended Behavior Supports Announcement for Young Children (PDF) ​EI-10 #08 ​10/25/2010
At-Risk Tracking for Infants and Toddlers Experiencing Homelessness (PDF) ​EI-14 #01 ​11/21/2014
​Children Experiencing Homelessness (PDF) ​OCDEL-13 #01 ​5/9/2013 ​Applicable to all OCDEL programs
​Childfind System Including Children who are Wards of the State, Children Living in Residential Facilities Children Who Were Abused and Children who are Homeless (PDF) ​EI-09 #13 ​9/11/2009 Infant toddler early intervention only
Children who Have a Hearing Loss (PDF)
Attachment:  BEIS Voluntary Authorization to Release Information (PDF); BEIS Voluntary Authorization to Release Information - Spanish (PDF)
​EI-13 #06 ​8/1/2013
Clarification of Waiver of 4300 Fiscal Regulations for Early Intervention (PDF) ​ELS-EI-06 #07 ​8/15/2006 Infant toddler early intervention only
Collecting and Reporting Child Outcome Data in Infant/Toddler and Preschool Early Intervention Programs (PDF) ​EI-12 #07 ​10/26/2012
Confidentiality, Parent Consent and Surrogate Parents (PDF)
Attachment: Understanding Early Intervention Data Systems (PDF)
​EI-12 #03​ ​4/11/2012 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
​Early Intervention Special Education Plan Review Notice (EI SEPRN) (PDF)
Attachment: Early Intervention Special Education Plan Revision Notice (PDF)
​EI-08 #09 ​8/18/2008 ​Preschool early intervention only
Eligibility for the Infants, Toddlers and Families Medicaid Waiver (PDF) ​EI-08 #10 ​9/22/2008 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Eligibility for Infant/Toddlers and Preschool Early Intervention (PDF)
Attachment: Guidance on Evaluation Practices (PDF)
​EI-13 #08 ​12/13/2013
Extent and Duration of Early Intervention Programs for Preschoolers, Including Services During Scheduled Breaks in Their Programs (PDF) ​EI-08 #03 ​4/16/2008 ​Preschool early intervention only
Funding Responsibilities for Early Intervention Services for Children at Kindergarten Age (PDF) ​EI-10 #06 5/18/2010​ ​​Preschool early intervention only
Inclusion of All Children in Early Childhood Programs in Pennsylvania ​EI-17 #01 ​6/29/2017
IDEA Early Intervention Complaint Procedures (PDF) ​EI-11 #01 ​6/1/2011
​Infant and Toddlers Referred to Pennsylvania's Early Intervention Program from Out of State (PDF) ​EI-13 #04 ​4/30/2013 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Service Coordination (PDF)
Attachment: Infant-Toddler Early Intervention Service Coordination Support Plan (PDF)
​EI-09 #11 ​8/14/2009 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Cost Centers (PDF)
Attachment: Cost Centers Announcement (PDF)
​EI-11 #04 11/16/2011 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
​Lead Exposure in Infants/Toddlers and Preschoolers (PDF) ​EI-16 #02 ​8/31/16
Local Determination Process (PDF) ​EI-12 #08 ​10/26/2012
Mediation, Due Process, and IFSP Facilitation Procedures for Infant/Toddler Early Intervention (PDF) ​EI-12 #05 ​7/1/2012 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Natural Environments (PDF) ​ELS-EI-06 #04 ​7/24/2006 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Operational Guidance for Infant/Toddler Programs Regarding Children Living in Residential Facilities (PDF) ​EI-10 #04 ​4/9/2010 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
PA Pre-K Counts and Early Intervention Working Together (PDF)
Attachment: MAWA Districts and Counties (PDF)
​EI-07 #12 ​10/24/2007 ​Applicable to Pre-K and early intervention programs
Paraprofessional Qualifications (PDF) ​EI-10 #07 ​6/15/2010 ​Preschool early intervention only
Pennsylvania System of Payment (PDF) ​EI-13 #02 ​Reissued 3/19/2013 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
​Positive Behavior Support (PDF)
Attachment: Restraint Form (PDF)
​EI-13 #07 ​8/29/2013
Provider Qualifications (PDF) ​EI-16 #01 ​2/12/2016
Public Participation Requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (PDF) ​EI-12 #09 ​10/26/2012
Qualifications for Individuals to Provide Speech-Language Pathology Services in Early Intervention and the Requirements for Billing (PDF) ​EI-09 #17 ​10/5/2009
Reduction of Expulsion and Suspension in Early Childhood Programs in Pennsylvania ​EI-17 #02 ​6/30/2017

Release of Information (PDF)
BEIS Voluntary Authorization to Release Information (Word)

​EI-10 #02 ​1/29/2010
Reportable Incidents (PDF)
Attachment: Reportable Incident Form (PDF)
​EI-08 #02 3/7/2008​ ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Session Notes (PDF) ​EI-13 #03 ​4/26/2013 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment in Early Intervention (PDF)
Attachment: Parental Rights Agreement (PDF)
Parental Rights Agreement Annotated (PDF)
​EI-12 #01 ​4/11/2012 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
State Set Rates for Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Services (PDF)
Attachment: Early Intervention 2011 Fee Schedule (PDF)
Attachment: Early Intervention Procedure Code & Fee Schedule (PDF)
​EI-10 #09 ​11/9/2010 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Third Party Insurance Denials and Public Consulting Group (PDF) ​EI-13 #05 ​4/30/2013 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
Transition of Preschool Children to School Age Programs (PDF)
Attachment: Transition Intent Letter 1st Grade (Word) ​
Transition Intent Letter K (Word)
Transition Meeting (Word)
​EI-09 #19 ​10/20/2009 ​Preschool early intervention only
​Transition of Toddlers to Preschool or Other Community Services (PDF)
Attachment: Transition Invitation Letters (Word)
​EI-13 #01 ​1/30/2013
Updates to Early Intervention Policy Based on Requirements in IDEA Part C Regulations (PDF) ​EI-12 #02 ​4/11/2012 ​Infant toddler early intervention only
*Unless otherwise noted, announcements pertain to both infant toddler and preschool