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Early Learning

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) (a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services) is focused on creating opportunities for the commonwealth's youngest citizens to develop and learn to their fullest potential. By developing an effective early childhood education system with high standards for programs and professionals, supports to meet these standards, accountability and community engagement, OCDEL is helping our children, families, teachers and communities reach this goal. Parents, schools, child care providers, Early Intervention and Head Start programs, libraries, community organizations, and other stakeholders have joined with the OCDEL to provide high quality early childhood programs and effective family support programs to address challenges faced by families that affect school readiness and academic success.

OCDEL strives to build a strong foundation for children, starting at birth through the establishment of a quality education continuum to age five. The success of our efforts today will translate into a brighter future for tomorrow, with citizens who are strong, independent, and well-prepared for the future.