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LEA Emergency Permit User Guide

Use Microsoft Edge or Firefox to access TIMS.  Chrome and Safari users experience payment problems using this program.

See CSPG 13 for specific details on emergency permit requirements.
  1. TIMS provisioned Certifying Officer clicks on applications “Submitted by Applicant.”
    LEA Certifying Officer dashboard

  2. Choose the desired candidate by clicking on “View.”

    Screen showing all of the LEA emergency permit applicants in the system

  3. Enter Certifying Details including “I affirm” box, name and date.
  4. Complete Permit Request Details including school year, permit type and subject area requested. Hint: Type 01 for special education subject areas must include a content area if applicant does not currently hold a grade comparable content area certification.

    Screen showing details of the emergency permit application

  5. Multiple areas can be selected for the permit with one application and fee.

    Dropdown list to select the subject area of the permit

  6. Submit to superintendent.

    Highlighting button to submit the request to the Superintendent for approval

  7. TIMS provisioned superintendent clicks on “Pending Review.”

    Screenshot showing the Superintendent has applications pending review

  8. Complete Chief School Administrator Details including “I affirm” box, name and date. 
  9. Complete Affidavit Details for numbers 1-6. Save as “Ready for Submission.”

    Screenshot showing Save as Ready for Submission button

  10. Superintendent and Certifying Officer’s dashboard “Ready for Submission.”

    Showing application that are ready for submission to PDE

  11. Superintendent or Certifying Officer checks all permit requests ready to submit to PDE.

    Screenshot showing all application ready to be submitted to PDE

  12. Confirmation of permits requested. Proceed to checkout.

    Confirmation of all permits requested

  13. Complete the payment method.

    Complete the payment method and see application has been submitted successfully

  14. School should contact the candidate indicating the application has been submitted and that requested documents need to be submitted to PDE. 
  15. School’s dashboard indicating permit approved and ready to print.

    Screenshot showing the application has been approved