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Emergency Permits - Applicant

Trouble logging back in?  Contact the IT Help Desk at (717) 783-1087 for assistance. 

Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access TIMS.  Chrome and Safari users experience payment problems using this program.

After successfully logging in, you are ready to submit an application from your TIMS dashboard!

  1. Click on the button “Emergency Permit Application.”

    Dashboard showing where to click to start an emergency permit application

  2. Complete demographic details on Step 1. 
  3. Complete certification details on Step 2. Your PA certificates will be listed here. Add any out-of-state certificates you hold. 
  4. If your public school entity is listed under Step 3, continue to Step 4. If your school entity is not listed, you must click “Add New Affiliation.” Type the first few letters of the institution name into the search box and select it from the dropdown options. Hint: Affiliation Start Date must be today’s date or date in the future. It cannot be a past date. Do not include an end date.

    Screenshot showing where to enter name of local education agency (SD, intermediate unit, etc.) requesting the permit

  5. Check on the box(es) of the school entity (LEA) you are requesting under LEA Selection, Step 4.

    Screenshot showing where to select the school district

  6. Complete good moral character questions and acknowledge statements at the bottom of Step 5.

  7. Click “Initiate Permit Request.” 
  8. The status of the application will now be “Submitted to LEA,” and will be electronically delivered to the requesting public school entity (LEA). 
  9. The application is now completed by the LEA and submitted electronically to PDE. 
  10. The LEA determines:
    • the type and subject area of the emergency permit being requested. 
    • who is responsible for payment of the permit being requested. 
  11. The status of the application will now be “Pending Documentation.” 
    • Print out the TIMS application cover sheet and submit it to PDE along with all required documentation including payment if applicable. 
  12. Refer to CSPG 13 to determine the reissuance requirements you must meet, which are dependent upon the type of permit requested.