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View & Update My Profile

This guide offers instructions to help TIMS Personal Users view and update their profile in TIMS. You do not need to submit an application in order to view and update your profile. If you need to change your name on your certificate, change your citizenship status, or correct your social security number, see the Profile Change Application user guide.  

  1. Login to TIMS.

  2. Select the button "View & Update My Profile."

  3. Step 1 is the Demographic Details page – it contains information such as:

    • Your Professional Personnel Identification Number (aka PPID)

    • The current name listed on your certification

    • Your social security number

    • The current address on file

    • An email and phone number

    • Your citizenship status

    This page will give you an option to update information if necessary. A Name Change, Social Security Number Change, or Citizenship Change all require an application to be submitted. Click the appropriate links to submit the application. Select "Next" at the top of the page to Save or Continue updating your profile.

    NOTE: Sometimes fields with numbers experience difficulties. Try highlighting the field with your mouse and right click to select either "Cut" or "Delete." This should clear the box so you can begin typing again.

  4. Step 2 is the Education Details Page. Previous records may already be listed in the system. However, if information needs corrected or updated, simply select "Add New" to update records.

  5. Step 3 is the Certification Details Page. This will list a record of your current PA certifications. There is an option to add a record of any out-of-state certifications you may hold. If you have nothing to add, select "Next" to continue.

  6. Step 4 is the Work Experience Details Page. This page will show an unofficial record of work experience currently on file in our office. As noted on the page, work experience records cannot be updated in your profile. If you apply for a certification that requires work experience, you will be able to add/correct your work experience records at that time. This page is simply for informational purposes. Again, no edits can be made to this page.

  7. Step 5 is the Affiliation Details Page. Affiliating with an employer will allow the school access to view your certification records. Select "Add New Affiliations" to list additional employers. Type the first few letters of the institution name into the search box and select it from the dropdown options.

    NOTE: Affiliation Start Date must be today's date or a date in the future – it cannot be a past date. Do not add an end date.

  8. When your profile has been fully updated, select "Home" to save all updates.