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Profile Change Application

This guide provides information on how to submit an application in TIMS to change your name on your certificate, change your citizenship status, or correct your social security number. If you are making any other updates to your profile in TIMS, you do not need to submit an application.

Log into your TIMS account.
  1. Click on the button “Profile Change Application.”
    Screenshot of TIMS dashboard showing where to submit a profile change

  2. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down list.
    List of types of profile changes that can be done in TIMS

  3. The Demographic Details page contains the information that needs updated.

    Below is an example of the Demographic Details page for a Social Security Change application.

    Below is an example of the Demographic Details page for a Name Change application.
    Page showing how to submit a name change application.

  4. Submit your application. 
  5. After you submit your application in TIMS, you will be given the option of printing out your cover sheet. The coversheet will list any supplemental documents required for your application (ex: copy of marriage certificate or copy of SSN card.) Submit all required documents along with the cover sheet to the address provided on the cover sheet. Hint: Only send photocopies of documentation. Do not send original documents as they cannot be returned to you.

    TIMS may give you the option to upload certain documents directly into your application. DO NOT UPLOAD DOCUMENTS UNDER INCORRECT HEADINGS.