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Submit an Application

Trouble logging back in?  Contact the IT Help Desk at (717) 783-1087 for assistance. 

Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access TIMS.  Chrome and Safari users experience payment problems using this program.

After successfully logging in, you are ready to submit an application from your TIMS dashboard!
  1. Click on the button “New Credential Application.”

TScreenshot showing where to click to create a new application

  1. Select the credential type you are applying for.
  2. Select the subject area you are applying for.
  3. Answer the following questions appropriately if they are listed for the credential type you are requesting.
    • Is this area being added to an existing PA instructional certificate due to testing alone?

    • Will a Pennsylvania institution verify that you meet certification requirements for the certificate you are applying for?  HINT-In most cases, if your program was completed in the state of Pennsylvania, your answer will be “yes.”  If your program was completed outside the state of Pennsylvania, your answer is “no.”

    • Are you a veteran or the spouse of an active duty/veteran?

Screenshot of where to enter information on the type of certificate you are applying for

  1. Answer the good moral character questions.
  2. Enter your education information under the education tab by clicking Add New. If your certification program was not completed at the bachelor’s degree level, make sure you also include the information regarding your bachelor’s degree. 

Screenshot of where your educational information is added to the application

  1. Enter relevant education work experience if applicable to your requirements for certification by clicking “Add New.” 
    • Update any information that has prepopulated into your application. 
  2. The Summary Page will list documents that you have to gather and send to our office AFTER you pay and submit the online portion of your application. TIMS is unable to auto-evaluate the application to determine if previously submitted documents pertain to the current application you are submitting. In those cases, there may still be documents you are required to submit that are not listed on your application cover sheet. 
  3. All required tests for the subject area applied for will be listed in the application. TIMS cannot determine exemptions. The official consideration and review of testing will be made by the certification evaluator at the time of application review. You can view the receipt of the tests currently on file on your TIMS homepage under the “View My Tests On File” button. 
  4.  Choose your payment option (credit card or money order). TIMS does not accept American Express. If you receive an error message before submitting your payment information, wait three hours and try again. 
  5. Submit your application. 
  6. After you submit your application in TIMS, you will be given the option of printing your cover sheet. Print the cover sheet. Submit all required documents along with the cover sheet to the address provided on the cover sheet. The cover sheet is always available on your TIMS dashboard for future mailings. 
  7. TIMS may give you the option to upload certain documents directly into your application. If an upload button is not available for a required document, it must be sent through the mail along with a copy of the cover sheet. DO NOT UPLOAD DOCUMENTS UNDER INCORRECT HEADINGS.

Sample of a TIMS coversheet used to submit required documentation
NOTE:  If the cover sheet does not indicate any proof documents are required, there is still the possibility that additional documentation will be required. In that event, you will be contacted by your certification evaluator at the time of the evaluation. 

An application is considered complete and ready to be evaluated only AFTER all documentation necessary for the evaluation has been received by PDE. The processing wait time begins at the date your status is determined “Awaiting Evaluation.” Applications with an answer other than “no” to a good moral character question will take longer. 

  1. Status of Application

Screenshot showing the status of all applications submitted through TIMS

  • Incomplete: You started an application but have not yet submitted it. 
  • Submitted for IHE/LEA Verification: You submitted your application and it is now waiting for an electronic verification of your preparation program (IHE) or work experience (LEA). 
  • Pending Documentation: PDE is still waiting for your required documents. 
  • Awaiting Evaluation: The TIMS system has determined your application is complete and is now waiting for staff in our office to review your application by the “awaiting evaluation” date. PDE posts the estimated application processing time at the TIMS log-in screen. Applications with an answer other than “no” to a good moral character question will take longer. 
  • Pending Additional Documentation: The PDE evaluation has occurred and you now need to submit additional information in order to complete the evaluation. Please check your email to look for the specific requirements outlined by your evaluator. 
  • Pending Test Score: The PDE evaluation has occurred and you need to complete a test(s) in order to be issued a PA certificate.
For any additional questions, first view the TIMS FAQ before contacting PDE.