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Certification Testing Guidelines

January 12, 2022

  • As a general rule, a candidate must take and pass the test(s) associated with the certification they are seeking to earn.
  • All PK-12 certifications, if an initial certification, must include the certification content test and the fundamental subjects test—except if dual enrolled with PK-4 or Grades 4-8 and a PK-12 certification area. The fundamental subject areas tested are addressed and embedded in the PK-4 and Grades 4-8 test modules.
  • A candidate who has a PK-4 certification seeking to add-on grades 4-8 does not have to take Grades 4-8 Module 1 (5153).  Students who are dual enrolled in a Grades PK-4 and 4-8 program will have Grades 4-8 Module 1 requirement removed at the time the application is evaluated. 
  • Programs do not need to wait on test results to appear in TIMS to complete their affirmation/recommendation. Once a program has official results in hand, they may complete their affirmation/recommendation.