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Level II Service Requirement

A Level I certificate is valid for six years of service working in Pennsylvania’s public school entities, APS, or PK-Counts approved facilities. Validity is defined as service years, not calendar years. Service years are the maximum years the educator may be employed on a Level I.  Periods of time in which the holder is not working on the certificate in PA do not count against the life of the certificate.

Below is an example of a certificate without a calculated expiration date. In this example, the Level I is valid for the specified number of years of service, not calendar years. The certificate holder and the employing school entity are responsible for keeping track of the number of service years completed on the Level I.

example of certificate without a calculated expiration date

In order to convert to Level II, three years of satisfactory service is required and defined as:

  • service in Pennsylvania
  • full-time service (see CSPG 7 for definition of full-time)
  • actual teaching time, not calendar years, from the date Level I was issued

More detailed information regarding service requirements (mandatory and optional) can be found in CSPG 7-Level II (Permanent) Certification.

See Level II Certification FAQ's for additional information.

Special Notes:

  • All instructional subject areas will convert to Level II regardless of subject area of service. Instructional areas have a total of 6 service years combined.
  • All education specialist subject areas convert as single subject areas.
  • Service under an ESL Program Specialist counts against the 6 years of your Level I instructional certificate.
  • Work experience data may not be complete or accurate in TIMS. IT IS YOUR RESPONISIBLITY TO EDIT OR ADD WORK EXPERIENCE.