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Instructional Add-Ons

Pennsylvania educators who hold any Instructional or Intern certificate may add instructional content areas by testing alone with no additional coursework required. A PA instructional educator must take and pass the content area test for any acceptable subject areas to obtain additional certification areas.

Educators who currently hold the Grades PK-4 certificate can add-on Grades 5-6 based on testing alone.  This policy does not pertain to any subject area except Grades PK-4.

After you have passed the appropriate content area test and confirmed it has been received by PDE under View My Test Scores on File from your TIMS dashboard, you must submit an application for the new subject area. Applications must be submitted through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS).

The following excluded areas require the completion of a state approved certification program including testing:

  • American Sign Language
  • Cooperative Education
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Reading Specialist
  • all Special Education areas
Educators must achieve the passing score listed on the Certification Test and Score Requirements chart (Excel). You may NOT use the GPA score options for testing add-ons.