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Private Academic Certificate - Special Education

Section 59.11. Teachers.

In addition to the general requirements of Sections 51.31 and 51.34 (relating to general expectations; and certification for teachers), special education teachers shall meet one of the following requirements:

Be a graduate of an approved 4-year college or university with a Pennsylvania teaching certificate in the exceptionalities in which the instruction is or will be rendered.

Be a graduate of an approved 4-year college or university and submit documentary evidence of successful completion of 24 semester hours in the theory of special education. Theory courses shall be selected those listed in the certification requirements for special education teachers with the following distribution:

  • Six semester hours of basic courses.
  • Six semester hours of courses directly applicable to the exceptionality in which the instruction is or will be rendered.
  • Twelve semester hours of elective courses.

Special education certificates will be issued in the following exceptionalities:

  • Mentally Retarded.
  • Physically Handicapped.
  • Socially and Emotionally Disturbed.
  • Speech Correction.
  • Visually Impaired.
  • Hearing Impaired.
  • Learning Disabled.

Teachers holding the Pennsylvania professional comprehensive mentally and/or physically handicapped certificate may teach classes for the mentally retarded, socially and emotionally disturbed, physically handicapped, learning disabled and brain damaged.

When instruction provided at the secondary level in the specific subjects of English, mathematics, science and social studies is departmentalized, the teacher may hold valid certification in the subject area taught.

Special education self-contained classes at the pre-school, elementary and secondary level shall be taught by certified special education teachers in the exceptionality.