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The OST Collection of Evidence-Based Strategies

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Migrant Education Program partners with the PA Evidence Resource Center to curate The OST Collection, a clearinghouse of evidence-based strategies, interventions, and activities that may be relevant and feasible to implement in out-of-school time settings.

Launched in 2023, the OST Collection applies research-based criteria to a broad landscape of educational strategies to identify those that may have potential for after school, summer, or migrant education programming. The strategies impact one or more goals, GPRA measures, or enrichment areas that out-of-school time programs work to improve. The evidence to support these strategies meets one of four tiers of quality: ESSA Tier 1 or 2 (conditional on similarities to setting and population), or ESSA Tier 3 or 4 (evidence that is promising or demonstrates a rationale). In some cases, the evidence was gathered in an OST setting and is directly applicable; in other cases, evidence gathered in a school setting may help OST program leaders design adaptations of strategies to serve their learners.

To appear in the collection, a strategy must meet minimum evidence requirements and the OST Criteria:

  • Has been studied in an OST setting (after school, summer, at home, or supplemental settings, including tutoring sessions);


  • Meets ALL of the following criteria for feasibility of OST implementation (with reasonable adaptations or partnerships as appropriate):

    • Can be implemented by a non-certified educator with moderate training, or through a partnership/consultative service provider;
    • Includes ongoing implementation supports and resources for educators; and
    • Has the potential to make an impact within the time, format, and service delivery opportunities of OST settings.
      Visit the curation protocol for further details on the selection criteria.

For more information about the Collection, visit OST Collection FAQs.

The collection is maintained by the PA Evidence Resource Center and additional strategies are reviewed and added regularly. To submit a strategy, study, or topic area for consideration, please visit PA Evidence Resource Center Contact.