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2022 Test Design

Starting with the 2023 assessment, the PSSA ELA tests have fewer items than in previous administrations.  This item reduction is due to the elimination of psychometric equating block items from ELA forms.  These items were previously used to compare items across administrations and are no longer needed due to changes in the test design. 

The status of the Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) confirms Pennsylvania’s commitment to the importance of writing in preparation for College and Career Readiness. It is important to remember that the ELA test continues to assess the writing and language standards. Many of The writing standards are assessed in the Conventions of Standard English (Language) multiple-choice items and the TDA prompt.

2023 Item and Scoring Samplers

2022 Item and Scoring Samplers

2021 Item and Scoring Samplers

Due to the cancellation of standardized testing in 2019–2020, the 2021 Item and Scoring Samplers are revised and enhanced versions of the previously released 2017 Item and Scoring Samplers.

2019 Item and Scoring Samplers

2018 Item and Scoring Samplers

2016 Item and Scoring Samplers

The following files are American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant documents that can be accessed by software programs for disabled users; therefore the handwritten student responses have been transcribed into typed responses for this purpose. The content is the same in both documents.

2015 Item and Scoring Samplers

Text Dependent Analysis Scoring Guidelines