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​PEERS Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief Overview of PEERS

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has contracted with SAS to provide the web-enabled Pennsylvania Educator Effectiveness Rating System (PEERS). PEERS allows all administrators and teachers across the state to view their evaluation metrics and to capture and store this information electronically as well as obtain a print version. The system pre-populates ACT 82 forms for educators using PIMS data, and allows evaluators to input final ratings for each evaluation component. Additionally the forms can be designated by the LEA to individuals who are responsible for the evaluation process.

PEERS is hosted within the existing PVAAS application, which already provides district, school and teacher value-added reports as well as the verification mechanism for student-teacher linkages by teachers and principals. PEERS includes evaluation metrics for:

  • Observation/Practice
  • Building-level data or the School Performance Profile (SPP)
  • Elective Data or Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
  • Teacher-level PVAAS data
  • Teacher Correlation data

PEERS includes the following key features:

  • Participation is free and voluntary for all LEAs
  • Access is available through a user’s PVAAS account
  • Secure access is available to final summary rating reports (82-1, 82-2, 82-3)
  • More than one evaluator may have access to an individual’s rating form during the input phase in developing the summative report
  • PEERS pre-populates the SPP
  • PEERS pre-populates the teacher-specific component for the PVAAS 3-year rolling average
  • Data entry flags and cues to check for data entry errors
  • LEAs/Districts may determine and choose year of available data (year prior or current year)
  • LEAs/Districts determine the weighting/% for each type of teacher specific data based on the percentages indicated in Act 82
  • PEERS can be used alone, in lieu of the PDE Excel documents, or in combination with other supervision systems

Educator Effectiveness Systems in Pennsylvania
(The page linked above includes Rules and Regulations for Classroom Teachers, Rules and Regulations for Principals and Non-Teaching Professionals, and the Educator Effectiveness Administrative Manual, among other information about Educator Effectiveness in PA.)

The intent of this FAQ is to provide LEAs with responses to the most frequently asked questions about PDE’s PA Educator Effectiveness Rating System (PEERS) tool, available to all LEAs within PA.

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What is PEERS?

How do I get started using PEERS? Does my LEA/district need to sign up or register?

How can I access PEERS?

Why is PEERS considered a tool for the “final portion” of the supervision and evaluation process?

How is PEERS different from the Act 82 Excel documents available on the PDE website?

Can we use PEERS in combination with other supervision and evaluation systems?

What are some of the features of PEERS?

How secure is the system? Who has access?

Are multiple years of information/rating forms available in PEERS?

​What do principals (evaluators) see when they access PEERS to complete teacher evaluations?

Can more than one evaluator contribute to the completion of summative evaluation form?

Are final rating form calculations done automatically in PEERS?

What if an educator does not have an SPP score?

How is data entered for the Teacher Specific portion?

How is Elective Data entered?

Can the evaluator make changes to the summative forms during the process?

How do teachers and/or administrators “sign” a summative evaluation form?

Where can I get more information or support?