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The Pennsylvania Educator Effectiveness Rating System (PEERS) is a free, voluntary, web-based version of the Act 82 PA Educator Effectiveness final rating tools, PDE 82-1, 82-2, and 82-3. PEERS became available to local education agencies (LEAs) in March 2015 and includes evaluation metrics for Observation & Practice, Building-level Data, Elective Data/Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), Teacher-specific Data, PVAAS Teacher-level Data, and Teacher Correlation/Relationship Data.

PEERS is hosted within the existing PVAAS web application, and is accessed through the PVAAS login page.  

General Resources

These resources offer introductory information about PEERS.

Support and Assistance

For answers to questions regarding PEERS, please use the Contact Us link on the PVAAS website and select PVAAS Technical Support.