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PA Data Powershot: Growth? Achievement? The Power of Growth and Achievement!

A Companion Guide on Who, Why, and How to Use this Video

Who might use this PA Data Powershot?

The intended audience is LEA/District Leaders, School Leaders, and Teacher Leaders

Why use this PA Data Powershot?

This Powershot provides a brief overview of the importance of LEA/District, School, or Teacher Leaders’ use of both growth AND achievement data to:

  • Look at historical trends of where students perform both in achievement and growth each year, across grades and subjects.
  • Evaluate the impact of the instructional program on both growth and achievement measures.
  • Enhance understanding of the benefits of using both achievement and growth measures to inform continuous school improvement at the LEA/district, school, and classroom levels.

How might you use this PA Data Powershot in your work?

There are several opportunities to make use of this Powershot! Below are some examples to get started.

  • Discuss at a district/LEA administrative team meeting to ensure understanding of the power of growth and achievement being used together.
  • Use to establish district, school, grade, subject, and classroom level goals that address both growth and achievement.
  • Use to identify grades and/or subjects where growth measures indicate a need for priority focus.
  • Use with individual teachers in conferencing to ensure understanding of the differences between growth and achievement and the need for a focus on both.
  • Share with school leadership teams to provide a framework for using achievement and growth measures to look at school, subject, and grade level data to inform effective instructional practices.

What are possible follow up action steps?

  • Have each school identify historical patterns of growth and achievement across grades and subjects.
    • Identify groups of students who consistently gain ground, fall behind, or maintain their achievement in respect to their learning.
  • Have each school write achievement and growth goals at the school, grade, and/or subject levels.
  • Support data teams in Identifying variables that contribute to increases in growth, as well as increases in achievement – using growth and achievement data in doing so.
  • Examine Digging Deeper Guides at the grade/subject level.
    • Examine Digging Deeper Guides for content areas (ELA, Math, Science)
    • Examine Digging Deeper Guide for Students with History of Lower Achievement and Digging Deeper Guide for Students with History of Higher Achievement

Links to Resources

You may access the resources referenced in the PA Data Powershot with the provided links below.