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Three Levels of Data Analysis

A Companion Guide on Who, Why, and How to Use this Video

Who might use this PA Data Powershot?

The intended audience is District and School Leaders.

Why use this PA Data Powershot?

This Powershot provides a brief overview of how a District or School Level leader can:

  • Deepen understanding of the importance of analyzing and using data for different purposes at different levels
  • Create and/or enhance data teams specific to a purpose at the school, grade/subject or individual student level

How might you use this PA Data Powershot in your work?

There are a number of opportunities to make use of this Powershot! Below are some examples to get started.

  • View and discuss at a district/LEA administrative team meeting
  • Share with school leadership teams to provide a framework for how data will be analyzed at the school level
  • Share with new staff during induction to provide an overall view of how data is and will be analyzed in the LEA and at each school
  • Show at the beginning of a professional development day or data retreat where data analysis is the purpose of the work
  • Use as an informal data “audit” where each school can determine where they are regarding data analysis at various levels and in using multiple types of data (perceptual, demographic, student learning, and process data)

What are possible follow up action steps?

  • Have each school customize the data triangle graphic to create a similar visual representation, showing specifics for your school/LEA within the text sections of the graphic
  • Create an informal “audit” checklist based on the three levels of data to analyze specific needs within the LEA/school, what is currently in existence, and what needs strengthened or added
  • Establish data teams where needed so that all three levels are represented through the work of data teams
  • Develop a meeting schedule for school level meetings, grade/subject levels meetings, and individual student meetings
  • Develop data protocols specific to each of the three levels of data, identifying the level of data (school, grade/subject, student) on the protocol itself to reinforce purpose and intent
  • Set expectations for new teachers by having the visual of the levels of data in Teacher Induction materials and specifying their role with data and assessments relative to the use of data