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​PVAAS Learning Paths

The following PVAAS professional learning paths are focused on various educator roles or purposes in order to provide targeted professional learning in specific areas of interest. For answers to questions regarding PVAAS learning paths, please contact the PVAAS Statewide Team via phone: 717-606-1911 or email:

Foundations of PVAAS Growth and Student Projection Data (PDF)
Individuals who complete this learning path will have a foundational understanding of PVAAS growth and student projection data. They will be prepared to continue analysis to identify trends in strengths and challenges from past data and to understand the needs of current and future students.

Teachers: Impactful Use of PVAAS Teacher-Specific Data (PDF)
This 6-step learning path supports teachers in understanding PVAAS teacher-specific data and using that data, along with PVAAS student projections and additional local data points, to create goals and a plan of action.

Coming Soon! - Learning Paths for School Counselors, Teacher Leaders, and Teachers without PVAAS Teacher-Specific Data