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​How to Access the PVAAS Roster Verification e-Learning Modules

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  1. Navigate to the PVAAS login page. Find the “Professional Learning” heading near the bottom left of the screen, and click on the link, e-Learning.
    (Alternately, if you’ve already logged into the PVAAS password-protected site, or selected to visit the Public site, click on the e-Learning button at the top right.)
    e-learning button
  2. On the Learning Modules page, you’ll see a list of all available modules. Roster Verification is listed under the Report Modules category. Click on the name of the module to open it. Roster Verification Part 1 and Part 2 modules are available.
    learning modules menu
  3. Navigating within the module is easy! You may view the module in its entirety or jump to a specific section, by clicking on that section in the menu on the left.

Roster Verification Part I

Menu Options:

Roster Verification Part I Menu Options

Roster Verification Part 2

Menu Options: