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​How to Build PVAAS Rosters Manually

Quick help to add teachers and/or rosters within the PVAAS Roster Verification (RV) application, including help for copying from an existing roster.

Access PVAAS Roster Verification

The steps outlined below can only be done during the active Roster Verification process. Log into the PVAAS website. Users with access to rosters will be automatically directed to a second authentication screen. Review the statement, check the box that you agree, and click “Submit” to access your Roster Verification Summary.

Add or Restore a Teacher

(School Admin and/or School Roster Approver with account management can complete this action)

If any teachers are missing from your list of teachers and rosters, you’ll first want to add (or restore) them. After the teacher is added, rosters can be added for that teacher. Only the School Admin and/or School Roster Approver with the account management permission can manage teachers’ access the RV system. School Roster Approvers without access to manage accounts can add a “teacher record” in the RV system, but cannot give that teacher access to view, edit, and submit their rosters. If your school’s rosters are with your LEA/district in the system, they will need to be returned to your school before you will be able to add (or restore) teachers.

Please note that some teachers, such as those who do not yet have an active PVAAS account in your district/LEA, will need to be given access to RV. These teachers are flagged with a “red person” icon in the teacher list displayed after clicking the “Manage Teacher Access” button. (The School Admin may grant access, or a School Roster Approver who also has the account management permission can grant the teacher access to PVAAS and the RV system. When you’re on the “Manage Teacher Access” page, click the “Help” button at the top right for directions on granting access.)

A gray schoolhouse icon indicates that the teacher has a PVAAS account at another school in your LEA/district, but not at your school. As long as the teacher still has access to that account, they can verify rosters at your school. If they are not able to access that account, or if you choose to grant them an account at your school, click the teacher’s name to expand their information and click the button to “Add Access.”

Steps to Add a Teacher

Teacher List

  1. On the School Roster Verification Summary page, click the “Manage Teachers’ Access” button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Teachers who have been removed from this school’s roster verification are displayed at the bottom of the list (under the heading “Removed Teachers”). To restore a teacher who has been removed, click “Restore.”
  3. If the teacher is not included anywhere in your Teacher List, click “Add Teacher,” and enter the appropriate information (teacher’s full name, PPID, etc.).
    1. If the teacher does not yet hold a PVAAS account within your LEA/district and you have access to manage accounts, part of this process will result in a new School User account for the teacher. If you do not have access to manage accounts, a teacher record will be created in RV, and your School Admin will need to grant the teacher access to their rosters.
    2. If the teacher does hold a PVAAS account within your school, the account will be displayed for you to select. This will allow the teacher to access the RV system for review and submission of their rosters.
  1. The teacher’s name will now be listed with the other teachers on your School Roster Verification Summary page.

Add Rosters

Adding a roster is the same thing as adding a “test or an assessment” to a specific teacher. The teacher’s/school’s name and/or rosters must be listed in your “Ready for Review” section to add a new roster or edit an existing roster. Rosters may be added by district or school-level users.

  1. When the system opens for the Preview phase, rosters will be listed in the School Admin/School Roster Approver’s “Ready for Review” section by default and can be edited by these users. During the Teacher Verification phase that follows, the School Admin or School Roster Approver may take control of teachers’ rosters and move them up to the school level, if needed. (In your Not Ready for Review bucket, click the teacher’s name and then select “Move Up to School.”)
  2. If you are a District Admin or District Roster Approver, you may take control of a school's rosters, provided all rosters are with the school (and not with teachers). Click a school in your "Not Ready for Review” bucket, and then select “Move Up to District.” (This option is not available if the school’s rosters are with teachers.)

Steps to Add a Roster to a Teacher in RV

Note: Users may build a completely new roster or copy from an existing roster. Users may copy from any roster to which they have access within the RV application. A teacher may copy from one of their OWN existing rosters. A School Admin (Principal) or School Roster Approver may copy a roster from any teacher within their own school. A District Admin or District Roster Approver may copy a roster from any teacher within their LEA/district.

Image of adding a roster to a teacher in roster verification

  1. Click on the teacher’s name. (If you are a district-level user, click on the school's name, and then the teacher’s name.)
  2. Click the Add/Remove Rosters button. Then, click Add Roster.
  3. Select the type of test: PSSA or Keystone. Other drop-down menus appear for the subject and grade, if applicable. (For Keystones, be sure to select the correct roster: Spring Tested, Winter Tested, or Summer Tested.)
  4. In the options section, you can choose to add a blank roster OR to “add a roster that contains students from an existing roster for this teacher.” You may copy from any roster to which you have access within the RV application.
    1. If you choose to copy from an existing roster, you’ll be prompted to select the roster you wish to copy. After you’ve made your selection, click “Add Roster.” Percentages will be defaulted to 100% and can be adjusted manually.
    2. If you choose to add a blank roster, you will need to add the students manually after the roster has been added to this teacher.

Add Students and Adjust Percentages

After you’ve added a teacher to RV and created a roster, you’re ready to add and/or edit the students on the roster. (NOTE: You do NOT need to search for and add students one at a time.)

Steps to Add Students to a Roster

  1. Click on the roster name and then click the “Add Student” button.
  2. You may enter an individual student's name, and/or PAsecureID, or you may keep these arch broad to find multiple students. You can restrict the search by grade, district, and school if you wish. If you are having difficulty locating a student, try a broader search (e.g., search “All Districts” and/or “All Schools”).
    Image of where to add a roster
  3. Click "Submit.”
  4. A list of students who meet your search criteria will be returned. You may click on a column heading to sort the list (e.g., by grade).
  5. Locate and select all desired students in the list, by checking the box at the left of each row.
  6. Click the "Add Selected Students" button.
  7. These students will now be listed in the roster, and you may edit the percentages as needed.

You may adjust percentages for each student individually (by typing in the appropriate box), or you may change the percentage for an entire column, updating that percentage for ALL students on the roster. (Some situations where this feature may be useful include instances where a teacher began providing instruction halfway through a course, instances where a teacher shares instruction for all students with another teacher, etc.)

Steps to Adjust Percentages for an Entire Column

  1. After opening the appropriate roster, click the Select All button in the appropriate column.
    image of adjusting the percentages for an entire column
  2. Enter the % and click Update.
  3. Confirm that you want to make the change.
  4. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Remove a Teacher

If any teachers should not have any rosters in your school, they can be removed from your School Roster Verification Summary. Only the School Admin and/or School Roster Approver with account management permission can manage teachers’ access in the RV system. Rosters must be “with” your school, and in your “Ready to Review” bucket, in order to remove a teacher. (If rosters are with your LEA/district, they will need to be returned to the school. If rosters are with your teachers, the School Admin/School Roster Approver will need to move them up to the school level.)

Steps to Remove a Teacher

  1. On the School Roster Verification Summary page, click the “Manage Teachers’ Access” button on the right-hand side of the screen.
    Image on where to remove a teacher
  2. Click the "Remove Teacher" button.
  3. Click the check box next to the teacher you wish to remove.
  4. Click “Confirm Remove.”

Note that removing a teacher from Roster Verification does NOT deactivate that teacher’s PVAAS account. To deactivate the teacher’s PVAAS account, click Admin in the top-right corner of any PVAAS report. Click the teacher's name to open an Account Summary window where "Deactivate account" is available in the Account Options box.