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Required Federal Reporting Measures (RFRM)

As part of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Pennsylvania's ESEA waiver was approved on Aug. 20, 2013. The purpose of the RFRM is to report federal reporting measures as identified in the waiver. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) "must prepare and disseminate an annual report card (ESEA section 111(h)(1) and (h)(2)".

According to Pennsylvania's ESEA waiver, the RFRM will be reported beginning 2013-14. Pennsylvania will implement a differentiated accountability/differentiated recognition system beginning in fall 2013, using spring 2013 PSSA/Keystone results and test participation data, 2012-2013 attendance rate data, and spring 2012 graduation rate data. The RFRM reports the federal designations for Title I schools. These designations are based on a combination of factors that include Participation Rate, Graduation Rate, Attendance Rate, Closing the Achievement Gap for All Students, and Closing the Achievement Gap for Historically Underperforming Students.

The Required Federal Reporting Measures are federal designations for Title I schools. Title I schools may be designated as Reward: High Achievement, Reward: High Progress, Focus, and Priority based on meeting the federal requirements associated with each designation. Title I schools that do not fit into one of these categories will be reported as Undesignated. For the purposes of federal reporting, non-Title I schools will be reported as Not Applicable. Recognition in fall 2013 will be limited in the Reward category to only high achievement schools since a second year of test result data will be required before the degree to which achievement gaps are closed can be determined. For fall 2013 recognition, test participation and attendance/graduation will be applied.

The Reporting Measures identify schools in need of improvement and those that may be recognized as models for the state. When schools receive a federal designation, the state's accountability system can provide supports through interventions and other resources in order to meet the individual needs of schools and students.

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