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Perkins Local Plan 380 and 381

Secondary and Postsecondary Local Plan Grants

Funding Source: Federal Perkins Funds

Grant Program Name: Perkins Local Plan 380 and 381

Deadline: Applications will be accepted until August 31. To obtain "Substantial Approval" with a start date of July 1 annually, please submit your local plan by June 15. Perkins funds cannot be utilized without "Substantial Approval" status being granted by PDE staff.

Application Information: A complete application is accomplished by following the menu on the eGrant system. All sections will need to be completed before an LEA will be able to "SUBMIT" the local plan to PDE. Once the local plan is submitted and reviewed by BCTE staff, the local plan will be given "Substantial Approval".

Other Current Information: In addition, the previous year's Perkins Performance Report must be submitted on line via the eGrant system prior to PDE granting "Final Approval" to disburse funds to the LEA.

The yearly Performance Report is due on/or before August 31. Failure to submit all required documentation on time could delay the disbursement of allocated funds.

An LEA unable to use the Internet to submit an application must appeal this requirement using the procedures described in the Funding Guidelines.

Program Description: Refer to Perkins Local Plan Guidelines page 1 (PDF).

Restrictions on Funding: Refer to Perkins Local Plan Guidelines page 25 (PDF).

Eligible Entities and/or Partners:

  • Local education agencies (school districts, area career and technical centers, and intermediate units) that operate secondary career and technical education programs per Chapter 339 regulations.
  • Postsecondary institutions that are certified as eligible by the Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education and operate occupational programs that enroll Pell Grant recipient students.

Method of Distribution: Applicants must complete an eGrant application accessed from the PDE Web site.