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Professional Personnel Development Centers Grants

Funding Source: State Appropriation and Federal Perkins Funds
Grant Program Name: Funding for the Career and Technical Education Professional Personnel Development Centers
Deadline: TBD
Application Information: Application for this grant is done electronically using the eGrants system that requires a password. Please read the Funding Guidelines below before using eGrants:
Other Current Information: Once approved as a funding entity, Funding Guidelines (PDF) will be made available. Submit the application via the PDE eGrants system.
Program Description: To provide an alternative education preparation system for career and technical teachers:
  • Comprehensive career and technical education preparation programs for teachers, administrators, and other support staff
  • Teacher pre-service
  • Teacher in-service
  • Continuous teacher professional development services
  • Support research in career and technical education
  • Occupational competency assessment
Restrictions on Funding:
  • Eligibility of the institution
  • List of eligible expenditures
Eligible Entities and/or Partners: To qualify, the institution must:
  • Be approved to recommend to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certificates in Career and Technical Intern/Instructional I and II, Cooperative Education, Career and Technical Supervisor, and Career and Technical Administrative Director.
  • Be approved to recommend to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania instructional certificates in at least two career and technical education service areas.
  • Be approved to offer an Occupational Competency Assessment program.
  • Be approved to award 24 semester hours of collegiate credit to students who have earned 90 semester hours of collegiate credit and who have successfully completed the Occupational Competency Assessment program.
  • Agree to implement the competency-based career and technical teacher education concept.
  • Designate a Center Director who is a career and technical educational leader and who has the experience, ability, and authority to manage the Center.
  • Submit signed assurance statements.
  • Submit a proposal that meets the objectives of the funding category.
Method of Distribution: Funds are distributed to qualified agencies.