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​Nurse Aide Pass Rates

The following links provide the national competency examination pass rates for PDE-approved nurse aide training programs.  Pass rates are compiled quartely by the testing vendor for SKILLS, WRITTEN and ORAL examinations.  All candidates must take the skills exam, and either the written or oral exam.  These reports reflect only first-time test takes.

NA_2017 Q4 Written
NA_2017 Q4 Skills
NA_2017 Q4 Oral
NA_2017 Q3 Written
NA_2017 Q3 Skills
NA_2017 Q3 Oral
NA_2017 Q2 Written
NA_2017 Q2 Skills
NA_2017 Q2 Oral
NA_2017 Q1 Written
NA_2017 Q1 Skills
NA_2017 Q1 Oral
2016 Pass Rates for PA Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs