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Career and Technical Education Grants

This grant is for school districts and CTCs with eight (8) or more PDE-approved CTE programs.  Funds are used for updating or purchasing new equipment used in the training of students. 
Guidelines for all career and technical education grants require the recipient to submit a Final Expenditure Report (FER) for all program funds for which the recipient applied and was approved. 

Changes in the total project amount or the ending date require pre-approval by PDE because such changes are formal contract amendments. Please contact your PDE program advisor if such changes are needed. 

Perkins Local Plans 380 & 381

Funding for local education agencies (school districts, area career and technical centers, and intermediate units) that operate secondary career and technical education programs per Chapter 339 regulations; and postsecondary institutions that are certified as eligible by the Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education and operate occupational programs that enroll Pell Grant recipient students.

The PDE-4104 is used to collect data on student instructional (classroom and clinical) hours that will determine the full-time equivalent (FTE) students of Practical Nursing (PN) programs.

Funding for the Career and Technical Education Professional Personnel Development Centers to provide an alternative education preparation system for career and technical teachers. 

Application for this grant is done electronically using the eGrants system. 

Supplemental Equipment Grant Eligible Schools