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Accounting Technology/ Technician & Bookkeeping

CIP Code 52.0303

Accountants and auditors assemble, evaluate and check the accuracy of financial information. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks are responsible for developing and maintaining an organization’s financial records. They update and maintain accounting records, including those which tabulate expenditures, receipts, accounts payable, receivable; and, profit and loss. These individuals perform much of their work on computers, which are programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyze information.

Accountants prepare, classify, and summarize financial documents in order to provide valuable information to their clients. Public accountants perform a broad range of accounting services for corporations, governments, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Management accountants record and analyze the financial information of the companies for which they work. Other duties include budgeting, cost management and performance evaluation. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of an organization’s records. They also check for mismanagement, waste, or fraud.

Bookkeeping clerks, who are usually found in small establishments, handle all aspects of financial transactions. They may also prepare bank deposits and balance receipts. Accounting clerks perform duties that are more specialized in nature, such as posting transactions, accounts receivable, or accounts payable. Other tasks may include reconciling computer reports with manually maintained journals. Auditing clerks verify the records of transactions that are posted by other workers. They may correct any errors themselves or note the problem and return the work for adjustment.

Computers and specialized accounting software allow clerks to post transactions and balance accounts electronically. Computers are rapidly changing the nature of accounting work. Special software packages greatly reduce the amount of time spent on tedious manual calculations.

Version C: Graduation Years 2016, 2017, 2018

Version D: Graduation Years 2019, 2020, 2021

Approved Secondary School Partners

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Honesdale HSHonesdale2009-2010
Milton HSMilton2009-2010
Greater Altoona CTCAltoona2010-2011
Jersey Shore Area SHSJersey Shore2010-2011
Susquehanna County CTCDimock2010-2011
Warren County AVTSWarren2010-2011
Altoona Area HSAltoona2011-2012
Carlisle Area HSCarlisle2011-2012
Mount Union Area SHSMount Union2011-2012
Easton Area HSEaston2012-2013
Lincoln HSPhiladelphia2012-2013
Mohawk JSHSBessemer2012-2013
Tyrone Area HSTyrone2012-2013
Williamsport Area SHSWilliamsport2012-2013
Dover Area HSDover2013-2014
Gettysburg Area HSGettysburg2013-2014
McCaskey CampusLancaster2014-2015
Washington George HSPhiladelphia2014-2015
Central Columbia SHSBloomsburg2016-2017
Dallas SDDallas2016-2017
Halifax Area HSHalifax2016-2017
Berwick Area HSBerwick2018-2019
Trinity SHSWashington2018-2019
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