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LEA Self-Assessment

The LEA self- assessment is a guided assessment to assist LEAs with each phase of PA CRS implementation.  A definition for each stage of implementation is provided at the end of the assessment.

Stages of Implementation: Definitions

Pre-Initiation Stage

The school has not yet begun to address this principle or practice.

Initiation Stage

The school has made an effort to address this principle or practice, but the effort has not yet begun to impact a critical mass of staff members.

Implementation Stage

A critical mass of staff members is participating in implementing the principle or practice, but many approach the task with a sense of compliance rather than commitment. There is some uncertainty regarding what needs to be done and why it should be done.

Developing Stage

Structures are being altered to support the changes, and resources are being devoted to moving them forward. Members are becoming more receptive to the principle, practice, or process because they have experienced some of its benefits. The focus has shifted from "Why are we doing this?" to "How can we do this more effectively?"

Sustaining Stage

The principle or practice is deeply embedded in the culture of the school. It is a driving force in the daily work of staff. It is deeply internalized, and staff would resist attempts to abandon the principle or practice.

​Adapted from: The Professional Learning Community Continuum Rubric