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​Appendix A: Family Engagement Resources


Parent Toolkit
The 5 SEL Skills are broken down in ages from Pre-K to post high school and provide practical advice through resources.

CASEL in the Home
CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning) is the nationally recognized Social Emotional Learning platform that supports families being involved in their children’s learning.  Link directly to Books on the website.

EDUTOPIA Parent Resource Guide
The guide provides a curated list of blogs, articles, and videos for parents about fostering skills like kindness, empathy, gratitude, resilience, perseverance, and focus in children.

Parent Cue Cards
Great Schools provides common challenges parent’s might have around various social and emotional issues

Parents and Teachers

Getting Smart
Site includes informational content with supportive practices for parents as it pertains to SEL, including blogs and a weekly newsletter.

Confident Parents, Confident Kids
The site includes blogs, articles, and book lists for parents actively supporting kids' social and emotional development for every age group.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Harvard’s activities guide for children (birth through adolescence) includes practices for schools to engage families in SEL and for families to use at home to extend SEL learning. 

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
The website provides tip sheets from zero to three, parent training modules including presentations, story scripts and relationship activities (available in Spanish).  

Educating the Heart
This website focuses on educating the heart and the mind with resources that include parental guidance and teacher lesson plans

Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning
This central site provides a variety of practical resources, including toolkits and playbooks. 

PINTEREST Social and Emotional Learning
Pinterest includes visually appealing simple and powerful messages as it pertains to SEL, as well as activities for the classroom and home.

Teachers and Administrators

Ideas and Tools for Working with Parents and Families

CASEL and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory for Student Success developed this guide to offer practical information on how schools, administrators, and teachers can support families in social and emotional learning opportunities with their children.

LEAs and School Leaders

Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning: Collaborating Districts
This resource is designed as a comprehensive site to support LEAs and schools with each phase of implementation.

School Leaders and Educators

Center on Great Teachers and Leaders: The SEL School: Connecting Social Emotional Learning to Effective Teaching
This website provides tools to facilitate implementation of social emotional learning in classrooms.

The CASEL Guide to Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning
The online guide provides school-specific tools for the planning, implementation, and improvement of SEL skills integrated in classrooms around three areas:  Organize, Implement, and Improve

Early Childhood Educators

Videos for Early Childhood Educators