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Charter appeal board Members

Pedro A. Rivera, Secretary of Education, and Chair, State Charter Appeal Board, as of January 21, 2015.  


​Name ​Appointed ​Expires
Higher Education Member - Vacant
Cook, Julie A., Pennsylvania State Education Association Member* ​10/14/2014 ​6/14/2018
Miller, Scott E., Business Member* ​4/7/2014 ​6/14/2015
Munger, Lee Ann, Parent of Charter School Student Member* ​6/20/2011 ​6/14/2017
Peri, Jonathan E., State Board of Education Member* ​6/3/2014 ​6/14/2017
Yanyanin, Mitchell J., School Board Member* ​6/20/2011 ​6/14/2015
​Alaina C. Koltash, Counsel
​*  Appointed by Governor Corbett