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Required Documentation to make changes in EdNA

Cyber Charter Schools


CS = Charter Schools
SD = School District
* = Considered a material change in the charter approval by the authorizer
X = Required
CEO = Chief Executive Officer

Revised Articles of Incorporation ​CS Board approved meeting minutes reflecting the CS Board motion and resolution ​Executed Lease/Purchase Agreement
​Request to amend delineating the purpose of/reason for change ​Verification of Ethics Compliance signed by CS Board and CEO OR Board-appointed negotiator
School Name ​ ​X* ​X* ​X*
​Administrative Office Relocation ​X* ​X* ​X* X*​
​School Relocation ​X* ​X* ​X* X*​
​Facilities Expansion/Reduction ​X* ​X* ​X* ​X* (expansion only)
​Grade Level Expansion ​X*
​Student Population Reprioritization* ​X* ​X*
​Curriculum Framework Redesign ​X*
​Administrator ​X ​X
​Phone Number ​X
​Web Address
​Status (open/closed) ​X ​X
​Mailing Address ​X
​Grade Years ​X ​X