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​Description of Exit Criteria

Schools designated for CSI will have four years to satisfy certain standards—what ESSA calls "exit criteria"—before additional interventions apply.  This provision also applies to Title 1 schools designated as A-TSI.

Pennsylvania's exit criteria include:

    • Exceed accountability determination standards in the subsequent round of Annual Meaningful Differentiation. In other words, a school designated for CSI in 2018 may not exit this improvement cycle in 2022 if it is reidentified for CSI in 2021.
    • Demonstrate measurable improvement on achievement and other indicators that were the basis of the initial accountability determination. These gains must be commensurate with the gap closing methodology established in the State Plan (i.e., on-track to close at least half of the gap between current performance and 2030 goals) and must represent both whole-school progress and gains by historically underserved or underperforming students.
    • Partner in agency-provided technical assistance activities through the Statewide System of District and School Improvement.