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ESSA Vocabulary and Resources

Accountability: The idea of holding schools, districts, educators, and students responsible for results

Assessment:  A tool used to evaluate and measure what students have learned

College and Career Ready: Ready for postsecondary success in either postsecondary education, training or in the workplace 

Cohort Graduation Rate: The percentage of students who graduate with a regular high school diploma within a designated number of years since the students first entered high school. The rate is determined for a cohort of students who have all entered high school for the first time during the same school year.

CSI Schools: Schools identified under Pennsylvania’s ESSA accountability indicators for Comprehensive support and Improvement.  States are required to identify the bottom 5 percent of Title I schools for CSI.

Dashboard Approach: Presentation of specific data points without assigning individual point values to each data point

Disaggregated by Subgroup: Data separated by different subgroups of students  

English Learner Proficiency: Attaining proficiency in learning English (not scoring proficient on English language arts assessments)

Future Ready PA Index: The new public facing school report card which uses an expanded set of indicators to measure school success.

Keystone Exams: Standardized tests which all students take at least once in high school in Algebra I, Biology and Literature.

Minimum N: The threshold number of students in a subgroup required for that subgroup’s data to be reported publicly.

PSSA: Pennsylvania State System of Assessments, given to all students in English and mathematics in grades 3 through 8 and in science in grades 4 and 8.

Standards: The things a student should know and be able to do in specific subjects at specific grade levels

Standardized Assessment: A test that requires all students to answer the same questions and can be scored in a consistent, “standard” manner

TSI Schools: Schools identified under Pennsylvania’s ESSA accountability indicators for Targeted Support and Improvement based upon performance of student subgroups.