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long-term Goals

Why is this important? 
  • ESSA requires states to set long term goals for three specific indicators of school success:
    • Academic Proficiency as measured by test scores
    • Graduation Rate
    • English Learners growth in achieving proficiency in English language.
  • Setting ambitious yet attainable goals for schools, student subgroups and statewide providess a context for interpreting performance, provides information to school communities and can help inform delivery of technical assistance and other supports.
Pennsylvania’s Long-Term Goals: 
  • Academic proficiency goal: Cut in half the percentage of non-proficient students on PSSAs and Keystone Exams by 2030
    • Applies to all students and each subgroup
  • Graduation rate goal: Cut in half the percentage of students who fail to graduate
    • Applies to all students and subgroups
    • Seeks to use greater of four-year and five-year cohort rate
  • English Learner proficiency goal: Growth in scale score toward attainment of English proficiency as measured by ACCESS for ELLs assessment

Revisions to the final proposed plan:

  • Clarified explanation of why Pennsylvania has chosen to set long-term goals that are different for different subgroups for both Academic Achievement and Graduation Rate
  • Added long-term goals and measurements of interim progress for English Learners based on new data for 2016-17
Read more about Long-Term Goals in Section 1 of the Pennsylvania ESSA Consolidated State Plan.