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​Career Portfolios and Graduation Projects

Career Portfolios

A Career Portfolio is a tool for students to help them think through and plan for their future education and career. The PA Career Education and Work Standards require all students to have a career portfolio beginning in the 8th grade and continuing until graduation.

Career Portfolios can be either electronic or paper and pencil. Below are some resources to assist you in developing a career portfolio for your students.

  • Career Zone Pennsylvania:  A free resource that allows students to assess their interest, skills and work importance, document activities and plan for the future. Information on the site is Pennsylvania specific. Students register so that their work can be maintained.

Two commercial products are widely used in Pennsylvania to develop and maintain career portfolios:

  • Choices360: Cost-effective online tools that guide and track career and academic planning for elementary, middle, high school and beyond. Choices360 includes portfolios, course plans, research-based and industry-validated assessments, financial aid and scholarship resources, and more!

  • Career Cruising:  Their product packages include portfolios, high school course planners, The Real Game, college application planner, and more.

Career Portfolio Model

Capital Region Partnership for Career Development has developed a career portfolio with I Statements to help students understand the essence of their own comprehensive career development.
Portfolios (PDF) are available for purchase.