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​Team Information

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Team Selection/Commitment

One team of up to five students (grades 9 through 12) will be selected to compete at the Regional Qualifying Competition. This team must attend a public, charter, or private school, a career and technical education center, or be a student homeschooled in Pennsylvania in or der to participate.  Only one team will be selected to represent their school at the Regional Qualifying Competition. 

Complete the competition's registration form By November 20, 2019, to acknowledge your team’s commitment to participating in a Regional Qualifying Competition. Be sure to provide your student/team members information.


One team advisor must be identified for each participating team. This individual will work with the team as a mentor/coach. The role of advisor is to:

  • supervising work sessions
  • providing support
  • facilitating positive collaboration and teamwork

Judges reserve the right to disqualify or deduct points from any team that is found to have violated the rules or the spirit of the rules. Please note that the advisor will also assist in connecting the team to a local business/community industry for support.


Team Commitment and Student Registration

The process of indicating a team’s commitment of participation, registering the final school team, the project title, and information for each member of the team must be completed by the advisor no later than November 20, 2019. 

Student Permission Forms 

Each team member must complete and have a signed permission form prior to the regional qualifying competition. Signed permission forms must be returned to the regional IU point of contact no later than January 31, 2020. View a list of contacts at each IU.   


Registrants will receive a $500 stipend to design and build their prototype/device. Stipends will be distributed to schools via the regional Intermediate Unit (IU) pending commitment to participation in the regional qualifying competition. Schools are responsible for disbursement of funds to the team advisor as requested. Please contact your regional IU for further information.

Each regional team that advances to the state competition will be provided an additional $750 stipend through their local intermediate unit. Stipend disbursement will follow the same guidelines stated previously. Teams must implement potential improvements as outlined in their regional project presentation.