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​Virtual Presentation Options

Phase 1

Student teams are still required to submit their written proposal. However, it should be included with one of the presentation package options outlined below. Please see the rubric for further details and to guide you through the criteria judges will be looking for within the written proposals.

Phase 2

Student teams are no longer being asked to engage in a live presentation format. Student teams are required to submit their presentation package using one of the following options as a guide for completion of their device/project presentation:

Option 1: If the student team has access to Zoom or any other video conferencing platform that allows for screen recording, students may do a presentation as if it were a live presentation. However, the presentation must be recorded and sent in with the presentation package.

Option 2: If the student team is unable to access Zoom or any other video conferencing platform due to connectivity issues, access to internet, or district restrictions, students may do a presentation that remains within the boundaries provided to teams by their district. This presentation should include the criteria set forth within the state rubric. It is at the discretion of the student team to present the overall functionality of the device/prototype in a creative way (i.e., voiceovers, still pictures, drawings, PowerPoint, Prezi, Flipgrid).

Phase 1 and Phase 2 components will
be due no later than April 18, 2022 at 9:00pm.