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Director's Office

Director - Carole Clancy (717) 783-6134
Assistant Director - Amy Pastorak (717) 772-3500
Administrative Officer I -Sandra Williams (717) 772-2647
Administrative Officer I - Eileen Jacobs
Clerk Typist III - Aaron Ioos (717) 772-3500
Clerk Typist III – Jackie Slade (717) 783-6912

​Function​Contact​Phone Number
​Directs and manages Bureau activities and represents the Department in various activities as assignedCarole Clancy
​(717) 783-6134
​Assists the Bureau Director in their duties and works as a liaison between staff and the Bureau DirectorAmy Pastorak(717) 772-3500
​Administration and management of activities in accordance with IDEA 2004 and Local Education Agency applications submitted by Intermediate Units Holly Fan
(717) 346-9644

​Development of State Application to ensure receipt of IDEA-B Funds from the U.S. Department of Education (USDE)​Lisa Irgang​(215) 379-1023
​Interpretation of Federal and State Laws and Regulations as applicable to the Bureau and questions regarding special education complaints, monitoring, and special education plans​Walter Howard
Amy Deluca
​(717) 783-6137
(717) 736-2650
​Personnel, budget and contract administrationSandra Williams​(717) 772-2647
​Preparation of Yearly Submission to the USDE of the State’s Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR)​Barbara Mozina​(814) 674-2648
​Preparing contracts and processing invoicesEileen Jacobs(717) 783-5768​
​Purchasing and Bureau telecommunicationsEileen Jacobs(717) 783-5768​
​Right to Know CoordinatorAmy Pastorak
​(717) 772-3500
​Statewide administration and management of special education monitoring​Kelli Franklin ​(717) 783-6135