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​Questions and Answers Out-of-State Transfers for Students with Disabilities

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​What steps should a local educational agency (LEA) take to begin the evaluation process for a student who enrolls in a Pennsylvania LEA from out of state regarding special education records?

​If a child with an IEP from out of state enrolls in a Pennsylvania LEA and it is determined that the child requires an evaluation, should the LEA conduct an initial evaluation or a reevaluation?

If a child with an IEP from out of state enrolls in a Pennsylvania LEA, does the new LEA use the Permission to Evaluate consent form or the Permission to Reevaluate consent form to initiate the evaluation process?​

​What does “informed written consent” mean?

​If the parent of a child who transfers from out of state refuses to provide consent for the initial evaluation, what options does the LEA have?

​What evaluation procedures should be followed to determine the eligibility for special education services?

​Which factors should be considered prior to referral for evaluation regarding English Learners (ELs) with disabilities?

​When evaluating (or reevaluating) EL students with disabilities, should the ESL teacher be a member of the evaluation team? Should assessment data related to second language acquisition be part of the evaluation report?