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Contacts by Subject Area

21st Century Community Learning Centers5th Floor717-783-6468
Academic Libraries221 Forum Bldg717-787-8007
Academic Standards3rd Floor717-783-3958
Accounts Payable15th Floor717-783-4555
Act 169 - Home Schooling5th Floor717-787-4860
Act 34 - Background Checks-School Staff5th Floor717-783-3750
Act 45 - Continuing Professional Education for School & System Leaders10th Floor717-346-7112
Act 48 - Continuing Professional Education3rd Floor717-783-6646
Act 5 - Retired Educators3rd Floor717-783-9260
Act 61 - Twins - Multiples5th Floor717-787-4860
Act 69 - Dyslexia Pilot Program7th Floor717-783-2311
Act 88 - School Strikes5th Floor717-787-4860
Act 93 - Meet & Discuss for Administrators5th Floor717-787-4860
Adult Affidavit11th Floor717-736-7652
Adult Ed. & Family Literacy Programs12th Floor717-787-5532
Adult Ed. Professional Development12th Floor717-787-5532
Advanced Placement Testing7th Floor717-783-2193
Advisory Council on Library Development201 Forum Bldg717-787-2646
Agriculture Education11th Floor717-736-7652
Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth5th Floor717-783-9202
Area Vocational Technical Schools11th Floor717-736-7652
Arts & Humanities3rd Floor717-783-3958
Audio/Visual Services15th Floor717-783-9798
Automotive Officer15th Floor717-783-9810
Background Check--School Employees5th Floor717-783-3750
Basic Education Circulars (BECS)5th Floor717-787-4860
Bilingual Education3rd Floor717-783-6595
Blue Ribbon Schools Program3rd Floor717-346-4369
Budget and Fiscal Management4th Floor717-787-7808
Budget and School Facilities, Division Of4th Floor717-787-5993
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