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​Employee Rating Form

24 P.S. § 11-1123

Date of Issue: June 1, 2004
Replaces: Employee Rating Form; BEC 24 P.S. § 11-1123, issued July 1, 1999


Section 1123 of the Public School Code of 1949 requires the Department of Education to prepare a rating system for use evaluate professional employees of school districts through a system that gives due consideration to personality, preparation, technique, and pupil reaction.


School districts have three options available to evaluate employees:

  1. The PDE 5501 (Temporary Professional Employee/Professional Employee Rating Form) may be used to rate both temporary professional employees and permanent professional employees.
  2. School districts may also use an alternative form developed by the school district and approved by the Department of Education. Alternative rating forms must adhere to the standards outlined in 22 Pa Code 351.23 – 351.28.
  3. PDE FORMS 426, 427, and 428
    1. The PDE 426 (Semi-Annual Employee Evaluation Form For Instructional I Teachers) has been prepared by the Department to rate temporary professional employees, or those who possess an Instructional I certificate. The PDE 426 has been designed to permit completion of the PDE 427 (see below).
    2. The PDE 427 (Instructional I to Instructional II Assessment), a mandatory form, to be used by all school districts to rate the services of a temporary professional employee for the purpose of recommending movement to an Instructional II. The PDE 427 can only be used after six successful semi-annual evaluations have been achieved from the PDE 426, or locally developed/state approved evaluation, or PDE 5501 have been completed. Regardless of which option being used to evaluate temporary employees, information collected during the six semi-annual evaluations must permit the evaluator to complete the required content in the PDE 427.
    3. The PDE 428 (Employee Evaluation Form For Instructional II Teachers), an optional evaluation, has been prepared to rate permanent professional employees, or those who possess an Instructional II certificate.

The purpose of the rating form is to determine the professional development needs of the employee. It may also be used to determine whether an employee demonstrates the competencies necessary for retention by the school district.

With the exception of the PDE 427, all rating forms are retained by the school district and are not submitted to the Department of Education.


Purdon's Statutes

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State Board of Education Regulations

22 Pa. Code §351 Teacher Tenure Hearings
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PDE-5501 (Word)
PDE 5501 (PDF)

The PDE 426, PDE 428, and PDE 427 can be obtained from the following link to the Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation, Level I to Level II Evaluation Forms.

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